Are you a waiter, waitress, bartender, alcohol seller/server, or would you like to be? Many states, municipalities, and other jurisdictions in the US now require or recommend that all servers be trained and certified in responsible serving® of alcohol.
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For a limited time, you can take your online Responsible Serving® of Alcohol (known in some places as a bartending license or alcohol seller/server permit) for just $8.99!

Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
This course covers information that all bartenders, waiters, waitresses, servers and alcohol sellers need to know, including specific regulations and laws in each state. This includes methods and techniques for checking IDs, reducing drunk driving, cooperating and following local laws, and more. 
Depending on the state you are in, the course will take as little as two hours to complete, and when you have successfully completed all the lesson quizzes and the final exam, you'll be able to print your certificate, or request that one be sent to you. (In some states, such as Washington, an official certificate or wallet card must be sent from the state agency responsible for issuing such permits.)

Off-Premises Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
If you are going to be or are working as an off-premises alcoholic seller (such as a package liquor store, convenience store, grocery store, etc) we have state-specific courses for your training needs as well! Just choose "Off-Premises Responsible Serving®" for your state, if applicable.

Bartender Mixology
If you are already a bartender or would like a leg up on the competition for a job as a bartender, our Bartender Mixology course is an excellent choice. This course teaches you everything you need to know to become a great bartender, including hundred of drink recipes. Also included is a resume builder - to help you get a job - dozens of video demonstrations, definitions of bartending terminology, interactive lesson quizzes with instant graded feedback, and more! If you need it, we'll even include a letter of recommendation upon your successful graduation from the course.
Completing this 40-hour course will grant you your Bartender Mixology certification and is similar to attending a weeklong bartending class - at a mere fraction of the cost. Enroll today and begin your bartender training!

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